Enjoy a walk in Tlaquepaque

Guadalajara, Jalisco

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Tlaquepaque was born as a village inhabited by Totonacas who produced everyday tools and art objects before the Spaniards arrived. Today, it is a manufacturing center, which continues to produce handicrafts made of papier-mache, glass, brass, pottery, yarn, clay, leather and wood that have given it the reputation of being a gallery village.


Go through the streets and walkways adorned in modern, contemporary, and colonial buildings until you reach the Hidalgo Garden to meet with the cultural community that walks through the gardens, galleries and restaurants that offer art turned into objects, clothing, snacks, and popular open-air dances.


Visit the temples dedicated to Santa Anita, Toluquilla, San Martin de las Flores and Santos Martires Mexicanos, and stop in front of the monumental facade of the Cultural Center El Refugio, where Mexican artisan collections are exhibited and plastic artists are encouraged to promote their creations.


Find a ceramic workshop to know the process of preparation of blends, baking and painting of jars, trays, plates, salt shakers or complete dinnerware sets. Explore one of the workshops of blown glass, a technique brought by the Spaniards who exchanged objects elaborated with this technique for gold. Amaze in the presence of the artisans who inject air through a tube to inflate the molten glass and to mold their creations using prototypes or free modeling techniques.


Know this beautiful plaza and enjoy a cold drink, a torta ahogada, a piece of meat in its juice or a birria, liven up with mariachi music.