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Visit the Belén Cemetery

Guadalajara, Jalisco

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The Belen Cemetery of Guadalajara is considered a jewel of Century XIX funerary architecture.
Know the famous cemetery and listen to the mysterious legends inhabited by ghosts, misunderstandings, hanged, rabid jealousies, famous murders, the undead and bleeding trees that will come alive while you walk through the tombs, the mausoleums and the chapels that occupy the wooded streets of the site.
Hear a voice saying that the cemetery began to be built in 1787, when disease, frost and drought caused the dead to pile in the streets. Look for the mottled cat, whom the custodians have nicknamed 666, and who walks down the aisle that leads to the sarcophagus that was the depository of the remains of illustrious men whose remains were exhumed and transferred to the cathedral.
Walk among the tombstones guessing the deep imbalance between the incomes of the builders of each of the spaces and the trivial difference that can exist in this territory that frightens from afar and from near it produces some peace and serenity.