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Worship the Virgin of the Expectation

Guadalajara, Jalisco

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Catedrales e Iglesia


The Basilica of Zapopan, which stands proudly in downtown, summons millions of visitors who come to venerate the Virgin of Expectation every year behind its large atrium.
Stop and admire the bronze sculptures of the atrium that represent Fray Antonio de Segovia and Pope John Paul II shaking hands with a boy dressed as a charro who has seduced painters and photographers from all over the world. Stop at the elegant facade of two bodies with their towers topped by domes and enter through the attractive wooden doors.
Know the impressive Carrara marble altar and the cypress that protects the Virgin that will catch your eyes.


Reserve your place to be part of the most crowded pilgrimage of the region that takes place on October 12 in the framework of a colorful and devout religious festival that summons dancers who recreate pre-Hispanic rituals to accompany the passage of the image of the Virgin who leaves her enclosure after listening to the Misa de Gallo (rooster's mass) at five in the morning.