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Feel the beaches of Ixtapa

Zihuatanejo de Azueta, Guerrero

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Ixtapa has these endless looking beaches that urge you to admire the greatness of nature and the strength of the Pacific Ocean.


It is in the hotel zone; enjoy the semi-open bay with soft golden sands for skydiving, windsurfing, and jet skiing among other water sports.


In high seas, receive the spectacle of the high and bold train of waves that molds the sand with every swinging, and enjoy pleasant walks.


From Barra el Potosi, submerge in Playa Blanca, and be part of the sea and river flows. Let the high waves coming from the open sea and the calm sea swinging at the bar next to the river reassure you. In the rainy season swim in the river that becomes a huge lagoon.


Enjoy the surf tournaments that take place in Linda beach, visit the natural, protected and fenced estuary, and watch the crocodiles that live there or take a horseback ride around.