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Tour the beaches of Zihuatanejo

Zihuatanejo de Azueta, Guerrero

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In the small bay of Zihuatanejo, you will find beaches with moderate and gentle waves.


The Main Beach or the Port Beach has more than 400 meters of length, it is downtown Zihuatanejo, next to the main pier, from where you can go to Las Gatas Beach, or you can go fishing.


Its name originated in colonial times when Spanish merchant ships loaded oak, pine and mahogany wood from this point. Its swell goes from mild to moderate and is ideal for relaxing.


Embark on this quiet fringe of sand secluded from the world, practically without waves, ideal for snorkeling or diving. Along the way you can enjoy the view of the pre-Columbian breakwater that was built by a Tarascan king in order to create a giant swimming pool that would provide protection for his women.


According to the legend, a Spanish galleon sank here, whose goods, clothes and fine silks reached the seashore. Its waves range from mild to medium waves that become large in the rainy season making it ideal for water sports.