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Visit Morelos Druggist

Linares, Nuevo León

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The Morelos Druggist awaits the visit of people from Linares in search of their remedies; it supplies prescriptions from all doctors as well as patent prescriptions, just as it reads on its facade belonging to the beginning of the last century. The indigenous motifs in the decoration of its facade distinguishes it from the set of the buildings downtown.

Walk among the original furniture that protects the recipes and formulations of water, lotions and tonics. Learn the variety of remedies that exist and how the locals of the beginning of last century were cured. Admire the variety of oils and essences to make tonics for the mal de ojo, for sudden fright, for menopause, depression and other ailments. All prepared with the apothecary's wisdom, who uses a mortar to mix the mysterious formulas.

Admire the collection of finely decorated ceramic containers and bottles containing essences, herbs and oils for the illnesses of soul and body.