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Discover Huatulco Bays


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Title: Discover Huatulco Bays
The nine Bays of Huatulco are formed on an area of 35 kilometers of coastline: San Agustin, Chachacual, Cacaluta, Maguey, Organo, Santa Cruz, Chahue, Tangolunda and Conejos.
Escape early in the morning and take a trip by yacht or boat to be splashed with the crystalline waters of the Bays of Huatulco and enjoy this natural paradise where the sunrises are confused with the afternoons of burning skies.
Stop at one of its thirty-six unspoiled beaches to walk on the seashore. Lie down in the soft sand and submerge in the sea waves, snorkel in this natural aquarium where you can find the most important coral system in the Mexican Pacific. Admire the turtles and dolphins, witness the beautiful flight of the pelicans and birds that propel from the rocks to get lost in the horizon.
Delight yourself with the exquisite gastronomy offered by restaurants near the sea; enjoy a variety of mole, tasajo, tlayudas, dishes with the traditional quesillo, or the spicy grasshoppers, accompanied by a delicious mezcal.