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Enjoy the Gastronomy of Puebla

Puebla, Puebla

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The gastronomy in Puebla is a fusion of Mexican, European and even Asian traditions. The dishes seduce the eye and the palate, which is why they have gained fame worldwide.
Among the many traditional dishes, be sure to try chiles en nogada. In addition to its exquisite taste, it represents the national colors. The molotes criollos are made by mixing corn and wheat that is filled with a pumpkin flower, potato or cheese. Traditional cemitas resemble a salt biscuit, like the kind that were used as tribute to the Spanish crown.
For dessert, treat yourself to camotes, jamoncillos, buñuelos, turrons, muéganos, borrachitos and the unparalleled tortitas de Santa Clara.

The restaurants of Puebla are filled daily with specialists who come to taste the moles, mixtures of chili and chocolate or tomato and banana. Some consider these dishes sprinkled with sesame seeds to be aphrodisiacs.

In addition to eating out, you can enroll in gastronomy workshops that are offered by different restaurants and in private homes. These workshops include activities such as going to the market to buy the ingredients, washing and cutting them properly, seasoning and cooking them, and finally, serving and enjoying them.

Reserve your room in August to participate in the chiles en nogada festival, or in July for the mole poblano festival.