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Tour the archaeological sites near San Pablo Villa de Mitla

San Pablo Villa de Mitla, Oaxaca

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After Monte Alban ceased to exist as a nucleus of power, Mitla became the most important center for the Zapotecos inhabiting the valley. Visit the two archaeological sites near San Pablo Villa de Mitla that tell us of a little known past nowadays.


Your tour begins towards the west of the village of San Pablo Villa de Mitla. Admire the sun and the blue sky as you head to the nearby hill called La Fortaleza. Appreciate the Bosque de Piedra that is close to the place; once in the hill walk up the land and admire the zapoteca defensive walled constructions site. Go back to the past and experience the sensation of defending the fortress of possible invaders as you contemplate the landscape and imagine and create your own story.


Finish your journey towards the southeast of San Pablo Villa de Mitla. Just ten minutes away from the village you will find the town of Xaaga. Visit the abandoned arcade of an hacienda that was very prosperous in its time. This site has a cruciform tomb which can be accessed. Let your senses perceive the millenarian air as you descend to the subterranean chamber and observe with wonder the beautiful stones.
Walk through the remains of the arcade and admire the adobe walls that were once part of the greatness of this construction. Once you have enjoyed this archaeological site give yourself the opportunity to acquire beautiful cotton textiles made by the hands of Mitla artisans.