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Encounter at La Bufa heights

San Sebastián del Oeste, Jalisco

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Josué Pelayo

Climb up and up along pine and oak forest paths until you reach the clouds. Walk through the highlands of the Sierra by winding paths. Discover a narrow path in a garden of ferns and shrubs to find the viewpoint.


When you reach the viewpoint of La Bufa Hill you will understand its name when listening to the animal snorting in its entrails. Feel the force of the wind in your shaking body in a wide viewpoint standing out among the clouds in a spectacular view.


At your feet, a great blanket of clouds painted orange and reddish by the evening sun await you. To the front is the hidden glen where the San Sebastián del Oeste village is located, and towards the sunset, the Bay of Banderas where the beaches of Puerto Vallarta take refuge can be seen.

Delight in the flight of vultures and crows sliding on suspended flights and hear the buzzing of their wings with the brush of the wind. Enjoy the landscape until you finish sated with pleasure.