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Feel fully amazed in the Santa Veracruz chapel

Sombrerete, Zacatecas

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Explore the hidden corners in this "Magical Town" and be surprised by the treasures hidden in them.


Get lost in the old cobbled streets of Sombrerete and be dazzled by the splendor emanating from the beautiful colonial houses, parks and temples, loaded with historical memories of Indians, missionaries and conquests.


Visit the Santa Veracruz Chapel, very close to the St. Francis of Assisi Temple, and let yourself be carried away by its imposing elegance. Admire the beautiful façade of reddish quarry stone which glows reddish on the stone stairway leading to the entrance. Examine its finely worked gate and be enthralled by the exquisite details adorning the framing moldings. Two decorated pilasters with baroque ornaments, carved in the red-colored mineral with great mastery, flank a semicircular arch. Above it, a rectangular window with a wrought-iron frame looks out towards the choir.


Get in the temple and immerse yourself in the mystical atmosphere invading the enclosure. Delight in your sight with the spectacular brackets and carved wooden beams forming the roof. Cross the only room making up the church and inspect the exquisite altar of two bodies dedicated to the Virgin of Solitude finished off by a rich golden wood-carved altarpiece. Take a look of the old wooden floor that impregnates the air with the smell of history and find that it is covered by more than 130 crypts. It is a resting place for members of the community.