Valle de las Piedrotas, site of rocks and energy

Tapalpa, Jalisco

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An open valley of gentle prairies is home to mysterious inhabitants emerging from the earth and giant monoliths marking the territory dominated by the four winds. In the background, a water mirror fades away with the blue sky and the Colima Volcano appears on the horizon.


Colossal rocks whimsically placed communicate with each other to guide the visitor along their contours. Feel the softness of the air and watch as it caresses its meadows in a constant swing. Approach them and touch their huge bellies of porous rock. Walk the trails and climb to the summit to listen to their wind and sun dialogues.


Marvel at its magnitude and imagine how they sprouted from the land to adorn the valley and become the most visited attraction of Tapalpa. Recharge your batteries and enjoy as you scan the horizon of the Valle de las Piedrotas.