Enjoy the Pueblo Mágico of Taxco

Taxco, Guerrero

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The Pueblo Mágico, or Magical Town, of Taxco de Alarcón is known as the Theater City in honor of the playwright, Juan Ruiz de Alarcón. It celebrates the Alarconian Days every year in which the city celebrates the dramatic arts throughout the streets. 

Enjoy Taxco on foot, walk along its cobblestone streets, admire the buildings and discover all the nooks and crannies brimming with viceregal scenery.

Stroll through the main square, Plaza Borda, surrounded by old buildings, among which stands out the Parroquia de Santa Prisca, which was built in the 18th century and is one of the most beautiful works of the Mexican Baroque period and preserves paintings by Miguel Cabrera in his altarpieces.
Visit the Humboldt House, where the famous German explorer stayed the night, and where the Vice-Regal Art Museum is currently housed. Discover the history of the city which is the continent's oldest mining center
Visit the different workshops, silversmiths and museums in the city also known as the "Silver City." Meet the William Spratling Museum that revitalized Taxco with the creation of the contemporary silversmithing and tin work

The cable car is a great alternative to enjoy and amazing view of the city and climb to the Christ of Cerro Atachi. Here you will have one of the most striking views of Taxco and its surroundings.