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Horseback Riding in the Agavero Landscape

Tequila, Jalisco

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Ride through the agavero landscape, a World Heritage, with the Tequila Volcano to the center of the landscape. Start your cavalcade through sharp passages of agave leaves.
The reddish earth makes its way through agave alleys while listening to the dull sound of the horse's footprints and the singing of birds coming out to meet. Learn with the countrymen the art of the jimador, an ancient trade with which mature agaves are harvested with skilled hands and feet. Take in your hands the jima, a tool designed by them, and feel the edge of its strength when cutting the leaves of the agave and find the heart inside. 
To recover energy, drink with the jimadores, from a bovine horn trimmed and hollowed, a tequila drink and be part of the tradition of offering for the harvest obtained.