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Walk along Tequisquiapan

Tequisquiapan, Querétaro

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Tequisquiapan is a peaceful and "Magical Town" of cobbled streets and perfect features that seem to be planted with majestic civil buildings and vice-royal temples adorned with multicolored flowers emerging from the welcoming gardens which have become famous in the region.

Begin your tour by visiting the Miguel Hidalgo Square and marvel at the sunbathed portals and a beautiful kiosk, in front of the ash trees and sabinos shading you. Enjoy the air of the village surrounded by ocher-and-light-yellow-colored houses and be guided by the living history mixed with the present.

In the morning, indulge yourself with a typical lamb barbecue, Queretaro-style enchiladas, turkey mole, and gorditas martajadas made of corn or huitlacoche quesadillas. Also drink a delicious seasonal fruit atole.

Be amazed by the white quarry stone facade of the Santa María de la Asunción Parish Church and enter the sanctuary to know the baptistery and neoclassical chapels flooded with light. Get to know the The Holy Trinity Temple with its simple and harmonious architecture inviting you to the reflection. 

Admire art and culture through a stroll along the Mexico Me Encanta (I love Mexico) Museum, which displays miniature figures of the traditions in the whole country and the traditional games played by our grandparents.

In the afternoon, submerge in the colors of the Handicrafts Market and discover some unique piece among the famous furniture, baskets, and trays made of wand and wicker. Also, admire the jewelry set with opals of bright colors coming from the nearby deposits to the hands of the skilled Tequisquiapan artisans.