Purchase handicrafts in Teúl

Teúl, Zacatecas

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Hidden in the mountains in the south of the state, beautiful Teul is home to true masters. Explore the fascinating objects that skilled local craftsmen make using materials given by the rich lands surrounding the village.


To start an expedition in search of handicrafts, visit the Trinidad Cervantes Portals, south of the Plaza de Arriba. Explore the market stores to find colorful wooden toys, embroidered morrales and rebozos, regional mezcal and other wonders.


Do not miss the incredible experience of getting to know some other local workshop and witness the birth of spectacular objects made of tradition and talent.
A visit to the Don Aurelio mezcal factory is mandatory must. Visit the fantastic workshop and discover the secrets of this family business in their facilities tour. You will be able to taste the different varieties of this tasty aguardiente in a rustic tavern and, obviously, to buy its exquisite products.
Ask the locals and find out about other workshops opening their doors to the public.