Puerto Escondido


At the end of the Sierra Madre del Sur, a mountain range that winds through Oaxaca and descends to the Pacific Ocean, is placed the costal destination of Puerto Escondido, whose name literally means Hidden Port. The city rises around a sparkling bay bordered by huge rock formations. The port awaits you with many surprises to share with anyone who wishes to experience the adventure, the beauty and the sublime of life in just one place. This is a place where ancient civilizations, colonial architecture and living traditions converge. Its beaches are some of the most visited in the country because they are quite calm most of the year. Puerto Escondido is one of the country’s top destinations for both nationals and foreigners. This patch of sky in the Pacific Ocean is ideal for those who seek a sea shelter; featuring seven beautiful beaches to find it. A warm and charming destination, with coastal lagoons, exotic birds and several species of turtles, become the ideal place for surfing, parachuting and diving.


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